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The most amazing way to experience the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way was our camping trip, with Irish Gap Year. As part of our Transition Adventure Program, with Irish Gap Year we had to plan and go on our awesome camping trip to Murvagh on the Wild Atlantic Way. Awesome!

Irish Gap Year Camping in Europe

TAP Students Camping with Irish Gap Year

Planning and Logistics

As a group we chose essential tasks and divided the work into teams. The tasks included planning and researching the route of the hike to Murvagh from Rossnowlagh, researching the weather forecast, planning essential items such as food, equipment and water. It also included budget-planning and shopping for meals for the 2 days as well as setting up our tipi’s, fire-safety and cooking our meals.


Entertaining ourselves in the evening was easy. We all participated in a team game called ‘The High Line’ – this involved working as a team to get everyone over a slack-line set at 5ft without touching the line. This game challenged us to work as a group in figuring out how to get us all over the line. The background of the game was a metaphor for life – which included facing problems head-on in life instead of taking the easy way and giving all members of the group the opportunity to voice ideas and collaborate.

Making Smores

The best and only way to enjoy camping is getting our smores on, an essential for camping! We had to search the lands far and wide to find the right kind of marshmallows in Ireland, in the end it was all worth it!

Irish Gap Year Camping on the Wild Atlantic Way, Europe

Smores! Smores! S’more Smores!

By Alex, Will and Julen

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