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Dublin Gateway Internship Program

Dates Feb 17th to May 5th 2025
Location Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy
Arrive Feb 17th 2025: Dublin
Depart May 5th 2025: Munich International
Cohort Size 14 Students + 3 Leaders
Length 77 Days
Fees €13,000

Dublin Gateway Internship Program

What’s it all About?

Cultivating Indepedence




Irish Gap Year’s Dublin Gateway Internship Program is an internship like no other, combining eight weeks of professional work placement in Dublin city with three weeks of immersive travel through continental Europe by train. The program balances work experience with adventurous, cultural travel through Ireland and Europe, alongside a group of like-minded peers.

While our interns enjoy a high level of autonomy and freedom, they also benefit from the social aspects of being part of a cohort. Our interns join the Irish Gap Year leaders every Thursday to attend comedy gigs, visit arcades, pubs, and explore Dublin together, enjoying the craic the city is known for. Most weekends throughout the program involve overnight travel throughout Ireland. Interns depart from Connolly train station in Dublin with the Irish Gap Year leaders to explore destinations like Belfast, Galway, the Wild Atlantic Way in Clare and Mayo, and Donegal.

Following their work placements, our interns will head to Europe with the Irish Gap Year leaders for three weeks of travel through some of Europe’s cultural capitals. We’ll travel in style and comfort on the Interrail train network, from Munich to Berlin, Prague to Salzburg, through the Austrian Alps and then on to the Tyrol district of Northeast Italy’s Dolomite Mountains.

As a second semester (spring term only) programme, our Dublin Gateway Internship Program is our most independent offering and best suits students who have already completed a structured gap program, work experience, or a college semester in the autumn. Expect a healthy balance of structure, responsibility, freedom, and fun!


  • Work alongside young professional Irish teams in your industry of choice.
  • Travel Europe by train in the spring with your fellow interns while building your travel IQ and independence.
  • Luge through alpine meadows in Austria, hike atop some of Europe’s most scenic mountains.
  • Experience Ireland’s coolest cities and regions with your fellow interns and IGY leaders on overnight expeditions.
  • Explore Berlin’s steampunk district, full of vintage and record shops, and visit one of Germany’s most unique beach clubs.
  • Experience Prague’s world-famous beer halls for a candid look at Czech culture.
  • Tour one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval fortresses in Salzburg, Austria.
  • Learn the art of interrailing and build your independence as we travel throughout Europe.

Who is this Program For?

If you are interested in a more independent program that provides invaluable work experience while boosting your cultural and travel IQ, along with the social benefits of being part of a cohort, then this is the programme for you! Participants are aged 18 to 21.

Oudoor Adventure

Cultural Exploration

One of the most exciting aspects of living abroad is the opportunity to explore another culture on a deep level.
You will come to know Dublin City very well throughout your time on our Internship Program. By living with Dubliners our interns are afforded a glimpse into Irish life that few visitors ever experience.
Our overnight trips around Ireland are always a big highlight for interns and a great way to see the four corners of the country. Irish Gap Year Program Leaders guide our overnight trips around Ireland offering support, context and plenty of local knowledge.
Your time on our Internship Program will leave you feeling like you’ve experienced life in Ireland in an authentic and well-rounded way.


Community Living

Ireland is well known for it’s warm welcomes, gregarious people and strong sense of community within it’s towns and cities.
Being welcomed into a new community of interns, co-workers and your host families locale provides interns with additional levels of support and kicks things off on the right foot for their time in Ireland.
One of the defining aspects of our Internship Program is integration into community. It won’t take long for interns will notice that Dublin is a city of small communities. The type of place where people know their neighbours, love a good chat on the street corner and are all too willing to go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome.

Cultural Immersion

Cultivating Independence

A key goal of our Internship Program is to create a supportive environment where young people can build their independence.
We achieve this by offering our interns the full backing of the Irish Gap Year team, through strong daily communication and a thorough orientation.
Some examples of how interns cultivate their independence throughout the program are:
• Building the confidence and knowledge to navigate their way around Dublin City by public transportation, making their way to and from work, the city centre and their host families.
• Working within a team in professional work placements.
• Learning to live with a new family and adapting to a new set of cultural norms and customs.
• Traveling throughout Ireland by train with your fellow interns and Irish Gap Year program leaders.

Find Out More – Host Companies

Regardless of your level of experience, we can place interns in most areas of interest. Our host companies are all small to medium-sized (5–50 employees) businesses with whom we have longstanding relationships. Interns will work roughly 40 hours a week alongside employees at each host company, sharing responsibility and tasks as valued members of the team. During your work placement, expect to build real-world skills, get a foot in the door in your area of interest and get a real sense for what it’s like to live and work in Dublin.

During the application process you will provide Irish Gap Year with your top three areas of interest for your work placement. We will work with applicants to create a European formatted CV prior to connecting you with a host company who we think is a great fit. You will then speak with your potential host company, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the management team, and in turn be interviewed by your potential host company. 

Our Top 5′ Internship Placements

Early Education: Work in early education and childcare in a busy crèche in Dublin City and take part in the activities relating to pre-school and after school activities such as colouring, play-learning, drawing, homework and supervision.

Graphic Design: Work with senior creative staff on a range of ambitious and innovative projects from creative direction of campaigns, to typography, layout, animation and art direction. Students should have a basic knowledge and understanding of graphic design.

Law: Paralegal work preparing booklets for hearings, liaising with clients in relation to documents to be filed in courts and working in busy law offices in Dublin.

Creative Writing: Working at a the Irish ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ equivalent writing album and film reviews, articles on current events and pop culture in Ireland. Help design magazine and e-magazine layouts and work to deadlines with a creative, young team in Dublin City Center.

Marketing: Help drive growth in a business to business environment working in
event management and publishing. Help develop and execute inbound marketing strategies and work toward project deadlines with a team of young professionals.

Click for the List of Internship Areas Available
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Animal/Equine
  • Management
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Baking
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Equestrian
  • Outdoor Education
  • Environmental
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Import/Export
  • Information Technology
  • Journalism Marketing
  • Media
  • NGOs
  • Outdoor
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Recreation
  • Retail Sales
  • Social Studies
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

Host Family Accommodation

Our interns live with host families in the greater Dublin area. Many host families have children, but some are older couples whose children had left the nest.

Irish Gap Year host families have vast experience hosting interns from all over the world. They are carefully vetted by our team and we have every confidence that you will have a comfortable, personal and culturally immersive stay during your time in Ireland.

You will have the opportunity to get to know your host family prior to arrival to Ireland. While with your host family, you will have your own bedroom and be provided with breakfast and dinner seven days a week. Lunch is not included, but you are welcome to use your host family’s kitchen to make a packed lunch to bring to work each day.

One of the best parts of living with a host family is the high degree of immersion in Irish culture, you’ll really get to know your hosts and become close with them during your time in Dublin.

Overnight Trips Around Ireland

We’re passionate about Ireland and want our interns to experience the beauty of our country for themselves. There are several overnight internship trips to some of our favourite places in Ireland, such as Galway City, Belfast City, and Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. Our overnight trips are always a highlight of the programme and provide great bonding experiences for our interns.

Throughout our travels in Ireland, we will be learning to navigate public transportation (especially trains) as we build our travel IQs, preparing our interns for their journey through Europe at the end of the programme. Irish Gap Year programme leaders accompany interns on their travels around Ireland, providing further support.

European Explorer: Building Your Independence and Cultural IQ

Our European travels aim to expand on the travel and cultural IQ our interns have cultivated in Ireland. These three weeks will resemble the classic European backpacking expedition, mixed with a hands-on study of European history, culture, and current events, along with some outdoor adventuring. From nuclear bunkers in Prague to hiking in the Austrian Alps, to old city squares and steampunk beach clubs on Berlin’s Spree, the Irish Gap Year Program Leaders will support and travel with our students, ensuring safety, fun, and context to our travels. While interrailing through Europe, we will stay at our favourite hostels and family-run hotels, all centrally located, safe, and great places to meet fellow travellers from all backgrounds.

The capstone project of the European portion of the program is our ‘European Amazing Race Challenge’. This will see our intrepid travellers split into teams of three and given a mystery location and set of challenges to accomplish while traversing countries by train over three days. Don’t worry; we will build you up to this throughout the program, and it’s LOTS of fun.

Expect a classic adventure by rail that explores European culture, boosts your travel IQ, and provides you with many lifetime memories from the final portion of our Dublin Gateway Internship Program.


Berlin: Edgy, Creative, and Diverse

Berlin is sometimes referred to as the ‘New York of Europe.’ Its edgy urban sprawl, forward-looking identity, and creative and diverse communities are what modern Berlin is famous for. The steampunk district exemplifies this, and we want to take you there for a nosy!
Of course, no travel to Berlin would be complete without exploring the city's rich WWII and Cold War-era history, so expect a few of our favorite museums to be included in the cultural pick 'n' mix that is Berlin.

Prague: Medieval Europe at Its Finest

A thousand shades of terracotta, hundreds of spires reaching for the blue sky, colorful baroque buildings leading from one medieval town square to another, and the sound of church bells ringing out as they’ve done for hundreds of years. Prague is a bohemian fairy tale and one of Europe’s most fun cities!
In the city of a hundred spires, we will take in the architecture, explore the beer halls and traditional cuisine, learn about the Cold War, explore Prague Castle, and check out some of the city's vibrant weekend markets.

Salzburg and Zell Am See

Salzburg is a magnificent UNESCO Heritage city of antiquity and grandeur nestled on the Salzach River in the Austrian Alps. Its cobblestone streets, lined with medieval and baroque buildings and surrounded by snow-capped alpine peaks, make this city look as if it’s sprung straight from a fairy tale.
From Salzburg, it’s a short train ride to Zell am See, a traditional Austrian Alpine community that offers excellent alpine hiking, water sports on the lake, and rural Austrian culture. There are many excellent cafés, traditional beer halls, and shops in the area for us to enjoy as well.

Munich: Germany’s Culture Capital

Imagine for a moment—castles in the Alps, lederhosen, picturesque beer gardens, and raucous outdoor markets. Palaces, medieval churches, lush parks, and rivers steeped in history. What you are imagining is Munich, Germany’s most scenic, charming, and fun city.
While in Munich, we’ll indulge in Bavarian culture, tour one of Europe’s most lavish palaces, and enjoy the chilled-out vibes of the natural swimming pools along the Eisbach River that runs right through the city. Awesome.

Northern Italy: Verona, Mantua, and Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Verona, and Mantua are hidden gems of Italy—these bastions of Veneto culture demonstrate the Northeast of Italy’s love of architecture, wine, music, cinema, theater, and, of course, food!
While in Verona and its surroundings, we’ll base ourselves at La Machinna Fissa, one of Italy’s most unique and welcoming guesthouses, itself a true hidden gem. Here, we will learn to cook our own garden-fresh traditional Italian cuisine and enjoy the famously gregarious company of our hosts Clarke and Cici.


Who is the Dublin Gateway Program For?

This program is for students aged 18 to 21 who want to gain valuable real-world work experience while travelling Europe and building their independence. All our students choose to participate in our program willingly.

Will the program have 24-hour emergency crisis support from full-time resident staff?

Yes. All our programs have a designated staff member available 24/7 for participants to contact family, parents, or guardians.

Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes. Irish Gap Year program leaders provide airport transfers on the day of arrival and will travel to Europe with our interns by plane when we begin the European portion of the program. We will also bring you to the airport on departure day.

Do I need a passport or visa?

Yes, you need a passport to travel to Ireland and the EU. Your passport must be valid for six months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department’s Travel Site. Irish Gap Year will also provide you with a letter stating your intent whilst in Ireland and that you do not intend to stay in the country past your 90-day visa. This should ensure a smooth transition upon arrival.

What about meals and accommodation?

Internship in Ireland
Breakfast and dinner are supplied by your host family seven days a week throughout your time in Ireland. When travelling with Irish Gap Year, breakfast and dinner will be provided. We suggest that students budget about €100 (should this be per wk?) for lunch, sundries, and snacks.

Travel throughout Europe
Breakfast, dinner, and most lunches are included during our travels in Europe. Some meals will be student-led (meaning we will prepare/cook as a group), and others will be eaten at restaurants and cafés. We also recommend about €100/week in pocket money for the European portion of our travels for snacks, lunches, and sundries.

Does the program offer laundry facilities?

Yes, laundry facilities are provided at your host family accommodation and at our accommodation during the European portion of the trip. Please note that laundry facilities in Europe will come at a small additional expense.

Where do we stay on our travels around Ireland and Europe?

Our Interns will be staying in a combination of Guest Houses and Youth Hotels / Hostels in both Ireland and Europe. Irish Gap Year thoroughly vets all of our accommodation for safety, location and fun factor so rest assured you’ll be in the best parts of town with easy access to city centres, old town square and the main drag.