Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is learning by doing. It is a hands-on learning style that involves being fully immersed in the experience, then reflecting on that process and applying what you’ve learned to the bigger picture. It is the opposite of academic learning.

Experiential learning lends itself to all aspects of a holistic education from cultural knowledge to practical skills to ‘adulting’-skills to personal development, it is a way of thinking that encourages one to become a student of life. Whether it is a cultural site visit, workshop, volunteering project, a travel experience or simply one of life’s many ‘teachable moments’, we encourage our students to be fully present and immerse themselves in the experience. Upon reflection, students will connect and contextualize these experiences and lessons learnt into the overall strata of their knowledge.

Through experiential learning our gappers will develop a deeper level of understanding of both themselves and the concepts covered on our programs, resulting in greater self-awareness, increased cultural-knowledge and self-governance of the educational journey.

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