About Irish Gap Year

Tá fáilte romhat! Welcome to Irish Gap Year!

We are an Irish company based in Bundoran, Co Donegal, Ireland who provide award-winning Gap Year Programs in Ireland and Europe for young people interested in learning more about themselves and the world they live in.

We believe that travel, time in nature, art, cultural immersion, reflection and becoming part of a new community help to nurture personal growth and develop one’s world perspective.

Irish Gap Year is Europe’s first and only Gap Year Association accredited program provider.

Irish Gap Year was founded in 2015 by Ryan Allen, a colorful outdoor enthusiast and educator with many years of experiential education experience. The Irish Gap Year team is made up of Irish and American educators who are passionate, caring and fun loving. Together we bring a wide range of experiences and skills.


As educators and travellers our experience has taught us the importance of being organised, friendly and student centred. We know what it’s like to be a long way from home and we go out of our way to make sure that students and parents are comfortable and supported during their time with us.

Irish Gap Year has two approaches when improving programming. Firstly, to review all programs with participating students 6 and 12 weeks into their program. This is done both one to one and anonymously. The feedback received during this process is vital for refining future programs.

The second way in which Irish Gap Year constantly improves programming is to attend regular professional development workshops with the Gap Year Association as well as other, USA-based education associations like the Independent Education Consultant Association College to work on best practices. A close working relationship with gap year and education consultants is vital in this process.

Irish Gap Year is committed to providing financial aid to students that otherwise would be unable to attend a structured gap year program. This is often done in partnership with education consultants and gap year organizations. The importance of inclusivity and student perspective to Irish Gap Year is paramount. Although Irish Gap Year is not a therapeutic program, we are keenly aware of the emotional supports our students require on their gap year journey.