Hi everybody! This week we headed on a trip to Moville in North Donegal, and Derry in Northern Ireland. We stayed in the cutest little hostel, like straight out of a fairytale. We were led on a walking tour of Derry’s street art and were also given the history of the city. It was powerful to be able to walk through some of the areas where conflict took places, and it was fascinating to see the ways that people translated pain and preserved history in their murals. We also were able to do a really unique spray painting workshop where we made our own stencils. We all collaborated on a graffiti wall and it was so cool to use such a different medium than what I’m used to working with. On our way home we did a little scenic drive and made a few stops, one at Dunree Fort, a defence fort on the coast, and some other very beautiful and peaceful views over the Irish hills and Valleys.

Written by Addie, student of the Fall 21 Arts & Culture Program.