Irish Gap Year Spring Fun on the Western Edge of Europe

Emily is our Irish Gap Year Blogger extraordinaire. She has kindly allowed us to post her adventures, here in Europe with Irish Gap Year, on our blog. Why not check out her Blog for more fun and adventures around the world.

Irish Gap Year Week 1 & 2

So I’m in Ireland! On the western Edge of Europe….That’s pretty cool! This is for sure my dream vacation.
Last week we were  introduced to the Bundrowes house, which is an old house in which we are currently living.Irish Gap Year Student house Bundrowes House in the Sun - Western Edge of Europe
We went on a reflection hike, a hike to an old grave, and even tried out surfing! I got to my knees but I have yet to stand up.
The first week was mostly introductions. We played game with the Foroige crowd, which is the youth group we will be working with over the next three months. It was good fun.
I got to help Brian cook a meal for the house. We made Fajitas. It was wonderful. I love being able to cook whenever I want.
This week we started off with a rest day, during which I was able to make ravioli for the house so it really wasn’t much of a rest. On Monday we did our first group project.

Beach Clean Up

Irish Gap Year Beach clean up Emily - in EuropeWe met up with the kids from Foroige and cleaned up a beach! We ended up with about twenty five bag of trash. Along with a ton of rope and plastic bags, I also found a toy horse and some shoes. It was good fun getting to know some of the kids whom we will be working with. The immediate gratification of a beach clean up is also quite nice.

Fowley’s Falls

Irish Gap Year Journalling at Fowleys Falls in EuropeYesterday is probably my favourite day so far, as we went on a very fun hike. It was raining the whole time, and the trail was closed due to a landslide. We hopped the fence and did the hike anyways, then had to climb through the landslide. It was really fun regardless of the rain and mud. We ended up at a waterfall and attempted to get in some journalling time in the rain. Now my journal looks more like a water colour painting than a journal. Oh well. It adds character.


Irish Gap Year in Galway - Western edge of EuropeWe travelled to Galway today where I learned that my computer will not be fixed any time soon. I am currently at a really awesome hostel using their computer to type this. Who knew European keyboards are different?
I will blog again as soon as I can! Until then, goodbye.

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