To start our second week, the arts group practiced watercolors with a local artist while the adventure group made biochar and a compost bin for Castle Park, then we all went to the Carrowmore Megalithic Tombs to learn about the history of Sligo! The art gappers continued their workshops on Tuesday with a jewelry-making one and a leather-working one. They made some really cool stuff! Meanwhile, the adventurers did a leadership workshop and swam by the ruins of a castle, then sowed seeds for the vegetable garden. On Wednesday, we went to Slieve League, some of the tallest sea cliffs in Europe, and then had a beach day at Silver Strand before hanging out at the hostel. We went on a fishing trip the next morning and saw dolphins and beautiful scenery. The adventurers kayaked and paddleboarded to their leadership workshop on Friday, then built tree boxes in town, while the artists continued their jewelry-making and leather-work. Finally, on Saturday, the arts group had charcoal and photography workshops while the adventure group kayaked and swam. It was a great week! I’m so glad we were able to go on a trip and explore town, and I can’t wait for our Dublin and Belfast trip next week!