Unicef Polar Dip

Charitable Causes

Every year Irish Gap Year works with a range of charities to fund projects and give our time to good causes, both in Ireland and internationally.   

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Liquid Therapy

Liquid Therapy is an award winning Irish Charity, specialising in bringing young people with additional needs into the ocean environment. Through water, play and surf therapy Liquid Therapy encourages each individual to enjoy and reach their aquatic potential!

Students on our Adventure & Leadership Program will work with the expert team at Liquid Therapy, receiving training and mentoring to facilitate an afterschool program with Liquid Therapy students. This will involve taking the kids into the ocean to swim, surf and play on a one on one basis.

Irish Gap Year has donated over €10,000.00 to Liquid Therapy.  

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Liquid Therapy Session

Unicef Ireland

Our annual ‘Polar Dip Challenge‘ raised €2,000.00 in support of UNICEF Ireland’s Ukrainian Relief Fund in the spring of ’22.

Irish Gap Year pledged  €100.00 per student who submerged themselves for at least 30 seconds in the icy waters of Tin Whistle Lake, high atop one of County Leitrim’s mountains.  

Polar Dip Challenge for Unicef

Climate Action: C02 Negative Programming 

One of Irish Gap Year’s aims is to empower our students and the local community to take action against climate change through innovative educational programming, participation in local C02 sequestering projects and through inward investment into green spaces in and around our community. 

In the spring of 2022 we’ve planted over 750 native, broadleaf Irish trees in Counties Sligo and Donegal. These tree will never to be harvested sequester 126 tonnes of C02 per year. That’s more C02 than all our spring programs (flights to Ireland included!) emit. and better yet, our forests continue to remove hundreds of tonnes of C02 every year! 

Our pledge to our students is to remove more C02 through tree planting and re-wilding than our programs emit every year.  

Student Planting a tree