Week 3 at IGY was awesome. You’ll hear me say that time and time again but it’s true! We visited Dingle, a really cute town on the coast, and spent a day interacting with the locals! A musician played us some songs on his flutes while we watched the ocean and the green Irish Mountains. We also saw some stone structures constructed hundreds of years ago, and it was awesome to connect to a little bit of history and nature. Before getting in a bit of travel we had some art workshops. Making found art with Ken is a really cool process because I get to extend my abilities in making meaning out of my art. Lani has helped me to improve my understanding of light and shadow in water colour and to also have so much fun with a medium that used to make me nervous! Not only do we get to do art all the time for fun, but we get to do it with our friends. I have met the most incredible people here and I’m already so sad thinking about how I have to leave them! The scenery around Portbeg is also beautiful, I go running in the morning and watching the sun on the water and the fog over the mountains is so gorgeous.

Written by Addie, Arts & Culture Fall 21 Student.