Hello everybody! I’ve now been in Bundoran for a little over two weeks, and working with the art tutors has been so rewarding and unique. You can tell just how passionate they all are about their work, and I knew immediately that I would have so much to learn from them. I can already see the way I am improving in not only my art, but the way I think about art in general and the process of making it. I’ve learned how to reframe the way I think about the landscape in order to capture its shapes more accurately, and how to push myself creatively to make meaning out of found art. It is such a special thing to see how art can be so healing for many people, such a feeling and cathartic experience. On top of it all, it provides a way to connect to the landscape and the culture of Ireland. I could gush for hours about the magic of the cliffs we watch the sunset on and the coziness of the Irish towns, but instead I try to capture it in photos, drawings, paintings, or poems. It’s incredible to be surrounded by such genuinely nice and passionate people, and I’m so excited to see what the next week has to bring!

Written by Addie, Arts & Culture Student Fall 21Hand DrawingSunsent Pic