Hi! My name is Addie and I’m from Connecticut, USA. I’m currently doing the Arts and Culture Gap Year program with Irish Gap Year. It’s been almost a week since we’ve been here and every minute has been absolutely amazing. I’ve already found some amazing friends that I feel like I’ve known for a lifetime. The first five days were spent in restricted movement, but the leaders were super good about taking us on so many beautiful hikes and walks, and we got some time to sketch the local scenery. We walked the Benbulbin Loop and the next day hiked the Arroo trail. The landscape is so beautiful and lush and green, so different from home. We also were lucky enough to try surfing! I remember stopping and looking up at the cliff side next to us while pushing through the waves on my surfboard and being in disbelief that this is actually my life. Every night here we eat dinner together, and it’s amazing how comfortable we already are with each other. I’m so excited to get to know Bundoran and the people who live here. This program is the perfect opportunity for meeting genuine, unique people and exploring a country that takes your breath away. I’ve found a home away from home that I’m already so grateful for!

Arroo TrailBenbulbin Loop

Written by Arts & Culture Fall 21 student – Addie