More Amazing Adventures with Irish Gap Year

Irish Gap Year Sea Kayaking on the Wild Atlantic WayWeek 7 of Emily’s Blog

This week we went on a ton of fun day trips and did some pretty amazing things and had some amazing adventures. The week started off with a beautiful day kayaking around off the coast of Bundoran with Killian. We made it out to this place where we could go cliff jumping. I didn’t jump, because my whole life I have been told not to jump off cliffs. It was good fun seeing everybody’s reactions though, and kayaking was awesome too.Irish Gap Year Cliff jumping on the Wild Atlantic Way

Organic Farm & The History of Ballyshannon

Irish Gap Year Emily making a wishOn Tuesday, we went to Whitehill Eco Farm to learn about the history of Ballyshannon, which is said to be one of the oldest towns in Ireland. We went on a history walk with Bernadette and saw many cool things. What ans adventure!! We saw the oldest bridge in Ireland, St. Patrick’s well and wishing tree, and a mass grave from the famine, among other things. We finished the day with a giant home cooked meal that was very good, and greatly appreciated.

Irish Gap Year Volunteering At Horse Outside Animal SanctuaryHungry Horse Outside

Wednesday I fell in love. Fiona and Ryan took three of us to a horse rescue centre and we got to see the animals there. It is a really cool organization called ‘hungry horse outside’ and they have tons of horses there that have been rescued from awful places.
Irish Gap Year Volunteering At Horse Outside Animal Sanctuary


Irish Gap Year Emily & SaoirseLove at First Sight

They also have dogs, and here is where my love story begins. I met this dog, and as some of you know already I am looking to adopt a dog already.
Well, I fell in love with her that day. Now, after talking with my parents, I am trying to adopt her. I’ll have a conclusive answer this week from the shelter, and I will keep you posted.

Irish Gap Year Horseshoe Glen hikeThe Girls Go Hiking

Irish Gap Year Hiking in the Horseshoe GlenWe finished off Wednesday with a very fun all girls hike around horseshoe glen. I found eleven slugs and also one dead sheep. Besides the poor dead animal, we had a wonderful time! The rain decided to wait for us to finish our hike, and it was a really fun hour and a half. We came home to a meal cooked by the boys for us, which was delightful.

Hitting the town in Dublin

IRish Gap Year night out in DublinThursday we went to Dublin for the night. After a very entertaining Viking duck boat tour, we had Thai food and ice cream and spent lots of good time together. The next day, Mary, Lucrezia and I went to get a guided tour of the Dublin Castle, which is not a castle anymore but a palace and is very cool.
We learned a lot about the history of Dublin based on the artefacts and old structures there, and it was very cool. Irish Gap Year in DublinThat was it for our first trip to Dublin! After the drive back we were greeted with a home cooked meal from Rita and had a wonderful night in. The trip was loads of fun.

Irish GAp Year Shane & Emily rocking the ropesIrish Gap Year at Zip ItZip It

Yesterday we went to the ropes course here. We had buddies for the day and had to do it together. Shane and I rocked it. It was hard work, especially for those who are afraid of heights, but everyone in the group pushed themselves and achieved something.
The week was jam packed full of things to do and every day was awesome. It’s hard to believe this trip is already halfway over.

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