Coping with Being Homesick with Irish Gap Year…..

As part of my amazing Irish Gap Year Transition Adventure Program I wanted to share my experience of how I managed to cope with being homesick!
I’m Ethan Sanchez, I’m 16 and from Brooklyn NY. I came on the Irish Gap Year Transition Adventure Program because I thought it sounded like fun and would help develop my character over the summer months.  Usually when I travel I get homesick, but this time it’s been very different. It’s not to say that I haven’t had to deal with stress or anxiety, who doesn’t being so far away from home.

I’ve made it half-way through the program and have found new ways to deal with the stress of being homesick. The team at Irish Gap Year has been awesome, so supportive and helpful.
Here is what is working for me;

1) Relaxing Environment:

Irish Gap Year Program

Ethan enjoying his adventures!

Living in the country-side watching the horses out the window everyday is very calming. Our bedrooms are a lot bigger than what I expected and the beds are so comfortable. I feel really at home in the Irish Gap Year house, which really helps a lot!

2) A Friendly & Supportive Team

Ryan, Killian, Karl and Doctor O’Reilly are easy to talk to and listen to me. Even if it’s late in the evening they always have time for me.

 3) Lots of Tea IMG_2116

Every day I go picking fresh mint on the river behind the Irish Gap Year house. There are a few types growing there and Ryan and I have picked lots so far. I also really like Barry’s Breakfast Tea. Apparently the Irish quite like their tea!

4) Plenty of Physical Activity

Each day I do something fun and physical, like surfing and hiking. Today we’re walking 7 miles to camp in a forest on the beach! I’m really looking forward to it. It’s great to have something positive to focus on and look forward to.
Irish Gap Year TAP ProgramI can’t wait for more adventures on my Transition Adventure Program with Irish Gap Year…..Thanks guys!
Ethan Sanchez

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